The Unforgettable Journey To Kasol & Tosh

Unforgettable not because of the places we visited but the journey we enjoyed till we returned back to the source. There was a good bunch of people around, with some of the unknowns as well. So it was a long weekend and we all decided to spend that time in the Parvati valley and started out trip from New Delhi to Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. Kasol is very famous for well known reasons, please google it if you want to know more.


We thought of enjoying our evening at our base camp at Kasol but unfortunately we were not able to reach our camp before late night. Thank to the vehicle and its driver, not for the delay but for the time we got to know each other before we could reach the camps. Once we reached Kasol, we enjoyed the camping a lot. There was Parvati river going beside the camp site and then there is good drop in the temperature compared to New Delhi. We had our dinner and a chit chat over a tea with the new bunch of “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”.

Next morning after having the breakfast we decided to head towards Tosh and do a small trek there. We board some local transport to Tosh and then started out trek thereon. There were so many views we captured during the trek. So many halts as we were not habitual to trekking and we wanted to capture every moment into the camera. Finally we reached the spot, a small waterfall with a few food cafes around. We spent some time there and had some food. We then started back trek to Tosh and then to Kasol.


After having dinner, we then moved out and went to a cafe where we danced. Some of us went to the local markets to buy souvenirs for their friends and family.

Next morning we started our JOURNEY back to New Delhi. And as expected, again with the same vehicle and driver, much like our onward journey we enjoyed our return journey as well.

I enjoyed this short trip a lot and you can expect the same if planning a trip to Kasol and Tosh.

Happy Travelling 🙂 !!!!


A Trip to Jaipur – The Pink City

The Pink City Jaipur, around 270 km from New Delhi, is a historical place and the capital of India’s Rajasthan state. Jaipur is known as Pink City because of the color of the buildings. Jaipur is a major tourist attraction since long and has many sightseeing locations. It is famous for forts and palaces.

Before going to Jaipur, I always wanted to start my Rajasthan trip with Onion Kachori. And I did the same when I reached Jaipur airport. So indirectly I am trying to say that if you are a food lover, you must try different types of Kachori there. I will cover a bit more on the food culture later otherwise this blog would be done with the food itself.

I started my journey with Amber fort and palace. I got to know a little bit regarding the  importance of every portion of the fort, the history and the living of the royal families. Then I moved to the Jaigarh fort and the Nahargarh fort. From the Nahargarh fort, I enjoyed the sunset view and the panoramic view of the city . Evening was the good time to spend there as sometimes it can be too hot during the day time. I also enjoyed the  breathtaking view of the Jalmahal, a palace situated at the centre of a lake. While visiting these forts and palaces, I was trying to understand the culture and lifestyle of families who lived there long ago.


Since the entry to all these forts are time bound, I would suggest to plan your travel based on the fort timings during your visit.

I also visited the local markets to buy some traditional clothing and decoration items. And believe me, being at a tourist place, I did not find the items very costly. I was able to sense the traditional culture even in the markets.

In the end, it was the time to go to Chokhi Dhani. Chokhi Dhani is a village resort where I was feeling like being at some festive place. Apart from the delicious food they offer, there are so many other things to do including camel riding, elephant riding, etc. You will find a glimpse of Rajasthani culture and folk dance. You will feel like roaming in a village. In fact, this is the place where you can spend some good amount of quality time.


For me the Jaipur trip was a very nice experience and I hope you will also experience the same. So pack you bags and head to Jaipur the next time you visit to India.

Happy Travelling 🙂 !!!!

The Expedition Around A Bridge – Malaysia & Singapore

Yeah you read it right, there is just a bridge that separates Malaysia from Singapore. And of course, the culture and lifestyle. Situated in southeast part of the continent, Malaysia and Singapore are few of the finest countries of Asia.

I had started my journey with Malaysia. Though the whole Malaysia is an awesome place to stay or even to settle down for long, there are definitely some places to catch one’s attention. I first visited Kuala Lumpur, the national capital of Malaysia. For me, the most obvious place to visit in Kuala Lumpur was the Petronas Twin Towers. I was there around the evening time and I witnessed the beauty of the towers during the sunset. To accompany Twin Towers there was the KL tower, another important landmark.


Then I moved to the Genting Highlands, situated at the hill-top around 55 km from Kuala Lumpur. Genting Highlands is famous for world-class Hotels, Shopping complexes, and the Casino. Breezy weather during evening hours was just like a cherry on the cake. There are a couple of other places which I visited including the Batu caves, Japanese village and the French village. I had also travelled to Malacca, another state in Malaysia having some historical importance with heritage buildings and the architectures.

Being a foodie, I tried all sort of cuisines in Malaysia. I had Thai, Chinese, Yemeni, Indian, Pakistani cuisines. And frankly speaking, I liked them all.

After covering all these places in Malaysia, I crossed the bridge to enter Singapore.

Singapore is definitely one of the most developed nation in the world. Due to time constraints though I did not spend many days in Singapore but I covered many places there. Thanks to the MRT trains and the easily accessible public commute. I first went to Sentosa Islands, the place where the most famous Universal Studio is. You can spend a good time there. I had visited Little India where I felt like I am roaming in India. I had also been to Chinatown.


The finest place in my opinion is the one I visited at the last, Gardens by the Bay. the world-famous architectures and the super tree groves were awesome to see. The laser show and the light show means a perfect end to your trip.

So plan and enjoy your next vacation to Malaysia and Singapore.

Happy travelling 🙂 !!!!